We help bring video monetization solutions to content providers and distributors


Online Video has Come of Age

Our media customers need to evolve their traditional video distribution businesses to include support for the ever-expanding demands of the viewing public. We understand the complexities of developing digital video businesses while not taking our eyes off of what keeps the lights on. Digital video done right can evolve your business and help you achieve new sustained revenue streams, but only if done right. That's where we fit in.


Case Study: TV Everywhere Services

Vibrant has worked with a Global entertainment services company to design a platform to be used by their customers to sell/offer TV content to their subscribers on an array of devices - including iPads and iPhones, Android and various set top boxes.

Where traditionally, this provider would offer color separation, DVD authoring, and digital file fulfillment; they've now moved up the technology stack to offer end-to-end distribution with a fully-realized Video Commerce System. Vibrant worked with the client to evolve a best-of-breed architectural approach based on industry best practices, feedback from multiple internal groups and customers. Vibrant first refined this approach in an actionable engineering requirements document, then built/tested/delivered the new system within the allotted timeframe set by the customer.

Case Study: Architecture Revamp

One of our clients came to us and said "We have an online video presence, but it's based on a proprietary 3rd party package and it doesn't meet our needs. What can we do?"

We took the opportunity to revisit the business needs of the client and found that their business monetization strategy had changed and was poised for significant growth in the coming months. Vibrant has found much success with the AWS Elemental suite of products throughout the years, so we worked with the client to architect a scalable solution that included custom workflow and utilized the Media Services from AWS to do the "heavy lifting" of the application. This solution allowed the AWS Cloud to expand as needed during heavy content viewing while giving their content producers a custom workflow that integrated with their existing processes.