Since our inception in 1998, an unwavering focus on the symbiotic relationship between software and infrastructure has made Vibrant a technology market leader.


So many options...

There are literally tens of thousands of technology components on the market today and we've selected the best of breed to represent our typical development platform. We are constantly evaluating technolgies through continuous research, benchmark testing and hands-on prototyping to keep our represented technology stack optimized and relevant. Below are some of the most prominent technologies that we have used and in which we are extremely proficient.


Microsoft .NET Framework

The .NET Framework technology is Microsoft's premier technology stack for business software based applications. We've been a Microsoft partner for over 15 years and focus on the core development components like MVC, WebAPI 2, C# and Entity Framework. Our Microsoft solutions are typically server-side business rule and integration heavy and almost always have a sophisticated Angular application driving the user experience.


Java and the J2EE Platform

The Java technology platform is a ubiquitous technology that runs on over a billion platforms and devices today. Our team has found tremendous success delivering high performance business systems with a vast amount of business rules, transaction processing and interconnections with other disparate systems. Specifically, the media and entertainment world relies heavily upon Java as a consistent technology for dealing with video assets and the related metadata. 



Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Google's V8 JavaScript engine.  Our team of experienced Node.js developers focus on building fast, scalable, server-side applications that are capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput.  Since Node.js code is written in JavaScript or TypeScript, it integrates seamlessly with our front end Angular applications, allowing for fast development with relatively little integration time.



Angular is Google's state of the art framework for developing user interfaces across all platforms.  Our team has worked with Angular since its inception in 2010, and has successfully developed several robust web applications with Angular driving the front end.  Our Angular solutions focus on providing a responsive and straight forward user experience that is easy to understand, while also achieving the maximum speed possible on the web platform today.


HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript

HTML5 has been an evolution throughout the years into a rich application platform that rivals desktop applications. CSS3 has the ability to apply visual styling, transition effects and very efficient, responsive design capabilities to any web application. Marry these technologies with the robust Javascript platform and the browser applications now dominate the majority of new applications being created today.

Design Patterns

Design patterns provide standardized and efficient solutions to software design and programming problems that are reusable in your code. Software architects and developers use them to build high quality, robust applications. Vibrant has utilized common design patterns throughout the years. The most common patterns we currently use include:

  • Repository Patterns
  • Dependency Injection Patterns
  • Model First Patterns
  • MVC and MVVM Patterns
  • Unit of Work Patterns

Web Standards

Our websites and applications adhere to web standards such as HTML, XML and CSS and follow best practices by utilizing valid code, semantic markup, responsive design and more.

  • Accurate website presentation across all browsers
  • Optimized loading speeds
  • Mobile optimized for any device
  • Easy maintenance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly