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Vibrant employs multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in business requirements, technology development, user interface design and quality assurance. Team members closely interact with each other throughout the process, thereby maximizing the quality of the work product. This collaborative approach allows each discipline to bring key insights throughout all phases of the project and helps to create a cohesive and balanced result.

The Vibrant team guides each project through the company's departments, including requirements and design, user interface and user experience, software development, and systems engineering. Throughout the process, project management and quality assurance engineers ensure the project is kept on track and of high quality through milestone checks.


A focused process that is consistent and repeatable.

The core of successful software development is a rock solid Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Vibrant's adapted seven-step SDLC process is based upon a hybrid of Agile management and a "waterfall" (SDLC) approach and has even been influenced by the Microsoft Solutions Framework. By utilizing the best aspects of each of the three open standard and industry-recognized “best-practices” frameworks, Vibrant has been extremely successful delivering strong project-managed and quality-assured solutions.

Throughout the years, Vibrant has used this methodology to help national brands develop compelling and long-lasting online solutions. Our success is due largely to our holistic approach to the digital space: we excel at developing the tools and strategies that enable companies to work directly with their internal employees and their external customers alike, gathering data and effectively presenting it back to the users as valuable information.


Plan: A face-to-face information exchange between key representatives of the Vibrant team and the client stakeholders to identify and clarify the client's business objectives and desired product end-state. This phase fully documents the optimal solution and is characterized by the creation of the Systems Requirements Package, the blueprint for the proposed design and associated business rules, interdependencies, and accompanying implementation plan for the development of the system.

Design: Focuses on the finalization of the Software Architecture Document, which provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system. Elements of the graphical user interface are also finalized.

Build: Vibrant's project management and technical development staff work hand-in-hand to ensure that not only do we produce a working, feature-complete system, but also provide the client with rigorous product acceptance and deployment plans.

Test: Adequate user testing and debugging is necessary to ensure that final deployment meets all of our client's requirements.

Review: Client satisfaction is Vibrant's highest priority. Client performs user acceptance testing (UAT) and gives Vibrant formal approval.

Launch: The site is moved from the Vibrant environment and deployed to the production environment for beta testing. Once the beta testing stage is completed, the site is fully launched.

Support: Beyond deployment, Vibrant also offers a complete range of support services including issue resolution, documentation and training.