Our expertise stems from our ability to architect and deliver solutions that are a potent synthesis of third-party software, custom development and system integration services.

Our Focus is our Strength

We've chosen to focus on certain types of application solutions and it's allowed us to become very a successful leader in each respective area with decades of experience to back it up. Most of our solutions have evolved over the years as the Internet has grown, the businesses have adapted and the needs have shifted in the IT and business world. Some of our most successful solutions involve:

Web Solutions

  • Informational Websites
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Data and Information Intranets

Mobile Solutions

  • Responsive Websites
  • Mobile Applications

Data Solutions

  • Database Development
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration

Branded Public-Facing Websites

The perfect website for your business.

Regardless of the complexity of your branding or business challenge, working with Vibrant to design, develop and implement your public-facing site will produce an extraordinary business tool for your company. We can build a secure site from the ground up–or implement with a CMS platform like Sitefinity, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

The branded public-facing site is comprised of a mobile enabled, custom website where data can be migrated from legacy websites, content can be managed via a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS), and E-Commerce can be supported.

Commerce & Relationship Solutions

Sell your goods easily and effectively.

Our Perpetual Relationship Platform extends brands effectively and efficiently, while our e-commerce offerings allow companies to leverage their digital assets and drive their bottom line.

Our solutions are custom web-based applications that utilize the latest e-commerce modules to help you create an online store with ease. Simply drag and drop widgets and set properties from creating products, through configuring the pages, to reviewing orders. You'll be able to manage your own web-shop from tax calculation, currencies, payment and shipping methods to all store settings, product catalogs and variations, orders, and even discounts and coupons.

Digital Media Solutions

Boost your online presence.

To provide extensible asset management and digital media extranets, we focus on identifying workflow processes, exposing repositories of critical information through web services and developing robust content management solutions to effectively manage, edit and extend media securely.

Our digital media solutions are comprised of custom web-based applications that are mobile enabled. Data migration and data integration are also supported.

Data & Reporting Portals

Making sense of your data.

Vibrant's data experts are capable of taking your complex business rules and rich data repositories and presenting it in a simple, robust and easy-to-use web application.

Our custom, data-intensive and data-rich applications allow you to make better business decisions for your organization. The typical digital asset solution is comprised of a tablet experience coupled with a mobile enabled single-page web application (SPA).