From legacy systems to connected car and telematics.


Over 15 Years of Experience

Vibrant has been designing and implementing OEM vehicle systems since 2002. We've watched the industry evolve and have helped our clients adapt to changing client markets, buying patterns and informational metrics. We've worked with multiple manufacturers and have been able to lead well-rounded approaches to common business problems throughout the years.


Hyundai's Order-To-Delivery System

Hyundai's previous Order-To-Delivery solution had a clear limitation between the vehicles that a dealer desired and the vehicles that they actually received. Our primary goal was to design a custom system that solved this problem by removing system constraints and giving dealers the ability to order, prioritize, and track their vehicle inventory for their specific customer base.

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Kia's Dealer Portal

Vibrant was able to analyze and design a new Dealer Portal for the Kia dealerships across the United States. Nearly 100 dependent systems were brought together with technologies like Single-Sign-On (SSO) and user interface shortcuts like customizable dashboards to create a richer experience for the dealers. Site usage increased substantially and access to information became instantly easier through the enhanced site.