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Hyundai Order-to-Delivery (OTD)

In the previous solution, there was a clear limitation between the vehicles that a dealer wanted and what they actually received. Our primary goal was to design a custom system that solved this problem by removing constraints and giving dealers the ability to order, prioritize, and track their vehicle inventory for their specific customer base.

The solution has been featured globally by Korean Automakers and received an award by Hyundai Motor Corporation as a leader in automotive technology. Also featured in Automotive News, this state of the art Order-to-Delivery (OTD) system was designed to put the ordering in the hands of each dealer thus ensuring they get the right car... at the right place... at the right time. The solution bridged an intricate gap between what dealers really wanted for their customer base versus what they were receiving.


The objective was to create a groundbreaking user friendly ordering system that would allow dealers to order the cars they wanted. This involved revamping and redeveloping the outward-facing dealer vehicle ordering system.

We revamped and redeveloped the existing dealer vehicle ordering system

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Custom .NET development

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