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Benefits of a Responsive Website

May 7, 2017, 20:24 PM
by User Not Found

Benefits of a Responsive Website

Let’s face it… our mobile phones have become the biggest part of our everyday life. Whether it’s checking the weather, email, messaging, or yelp, we simply cannot live without our cell phones. Creating a responsive website is key to fitting in with how users are using websites, and that’s via their mobile phone.

Mobile Technology (using it on your phones)

  • Using Mobile has Increased Traffic
  • With over one-half of global web searches conducted on a mobile device by over a billion users worldwide, mobile websites are just as important, if not more so nowadays, than the desktop versions

Brand Awareness

  • People like your brand more when you offer a satisfying mobile experience which can create more brand awareness and they will likely to return to your website again.

Quick Performance

  •  Reduce Dependencies
  • Fewer files to download means fewer HTTP requests and faster loading times.
  • Reduce Image Dimensions
  • On top of the extra download time, precious processing power and memory are used to resize high-resolution images. Using responsive images using CSS can really help in this department.
  • Reduce Client-Side Processing
  • Minimize the processing load on mobile devices by reducing JavaScript and by optimizing the HTML, CSS and images.

User Experience

  • Have Clear, Focused Content
  • Mobile users have different motives than desktop users and usually want information in quick, easily absorbable pieces. Clear and focused content is very important for the overall user experience when visiting your site in mobile.
  • Menus and Navigation: Keep it Simple
  • Having responsive menus and navigation is key to keeping a clean mobile website for the users to visit.

Design for Touch

  •  On mobile devices, the primary mode of interaction is usually touch. Designing for touch requires a level of care not needed in the desktop world. This can really make a difference for the overall UX for all mobile users.